Top 15 Loft & Bunk Bed Ideas

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Loft beds are just great for apartment life! They are trendy, and new age like, just as an apartment is trendier than the idea of a home. Many homeowners also choose the bunk beds for the advantages they offer. Firstly, they add up to the interior d├ęcor of the room with a fresh design, different from the conventional bed furniture. A bunk bed never fails to inspire newness in its side railings, climbing ladder, headboards, and other features!

Loft beds are the perfect solutions to save on room area. If you have children, you can set up a double loft bed, saving hugely on available space. The smartest designs incorporate desks, drawers, cabinets in the space offered by the bunk model.

The Espresso Bed

The Espresso Bed loft bed 1 bedroom  Top 15 Loft & Bunk Bed Ideas

This is a classy piece of furniture chosen often by parents with two kids. The stackable bunk bed features compact headboards and footboards.


Dark Wood Convertible

Dark Wood Convertible loft bed 2 bedroom  Top 15 Loft & Bunk Bed Ideas
The down bunk can double as double couches in this extremely stylish dark wood bed. The features include a central ladder and sturdy straight rails.


White loft with desk

White loft with desk 3 bedroom  Top 15 Loft & Bunk Bed Ideas
The steel railings and the white desk tucked beneath the bunk makes it ideal for a small apartment.


Espresso bed for kids

Espresso loft bed for kids 4 bedroom  Top 15 Loft & Bunk Bed Ideas

This is an ideal bed for children to grow into teenagers. The compact espresso drawers pack in their stuffs nicely.


Bed with a storage tower

Bed with a storage tower 5 bedroom  Top 15 Loft & Bunk Bed Ideas
The loft bed combines the drawers and the ladder. In addition, there are spacious compartments to keep your stuffs neatly arranged.




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